Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert

Discover Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert in 5 Days


Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert in 5 days. This itinerary offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. You’ll experience Morocco’s stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. From the towering peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the serene dunes of the Agafay Desert, each day promises new and exciting experiences.

Travelers enjoy a camel ride through the stunning Agafay Desert near Marrakech, Morocco.

Itinerary Highlights


Day 1: Arrival in Marrakesh

Start Your Adventure 

Arrive in Marrakesh, the gateway to your adventure. After checking into your hotel, take some time to unwind. In the evening, explore the vibrant Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Savor local delicacies from food stalls and enjoy the lively atmosphere. End your day with a relaxing night at the hotel, ready to begin your journey into the Atlas Mountains.

Day 2: Journey to the Atlas Mountains

Discover the Beauty of the Atlas Mountains

Begin your day with a scenic drive to the Atlas Mountains. En route, visit the picturesque village of Imlil. Here, you’ll enjoy a guided hike through the stunning landscapes. Marvel at the terraced fields and traditional Berber homes. Have lunch at a local guesthouse, tasting delicious Moroccan cuisine. Continue your hike to explore more of the mountain’s natural beauty. Return to your accommodation in Imlil for a restful night.

Day 3: Explore the High Atlas Region

Immerse Yourself in the High Atlas Mountains

Start your day with a hearty breakfast. Today, you’ll explore the High Atlas region. Visit the Ait Souka village and meet local Berber families. Learn about their customs and daily life. Enjoy a traditional Berber lunch with a local family. In the afternoon, take a guided trek through the breathtaking landscapes. The views of the snow-capped peaks are truly mesmerizing. Return to your lodging for a relaxing evening and overnight stay.

Day 4: Adventure in the Agafay Desert

Experience the Agafay Desert

After breakfast, leave the Atlas Mountains behind and head to the Agafay Desert. This rocky desert offers unique and serene landscapes. Upon arrival, check into your desert camp. Enjoy a camel ride through the dunes, taking in the peaceful surroundings. In the evening, experience a traditional Moroccan dinner under the stars. The tranquility of the desert night is an unforgettable experience. Spend the night in a comfortable desert tent.

Day 5: Return to Marrakesh

Conclude Your  Adventure

Wake up to a beautiful desert sunrise and enjoy breakfast at the camp. Afterward, embark on a drive back to Marrakesh. Use this time to reflect on your journey through the Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert. Upon arrival in Marrakesh, you can choose to explore the city further or head straight to the airport for your departure. This marks the end of your memorable 5-day adventure.


Exploring the Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert in 5 days is a journey filled with breathtaking landscapes and cultural experiences. From the vibrant streets of Marrakesh to the serene peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the tranquil Agafay Desert, this itinerary offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. As you return home, you’ll carry with you unforgettable memories of Morocco’s natural beauty and warm hospitality.